t.w.i.n.k. stands for Two Women In Nature’s Knowledge, and that’s what we are.  Karen and Rhiannon are the brains behind the beauty, and we individually hand-make every single one of the products in that we sell.  We are wives, mothers, and working women in addition to our partnership in t.w.i.n.k. …we’re busy, as you might imagine, but we love what we do so we keep at it!

t.w.i.n.k. arose out of the desire to give ourselves better consideration by quitting the use of chemically-based, questionably-sourced, and factory-made skin and body products (often containing a great deal of petroleum derivatives).  We were tired of buying into a profit-driven system that couldn’t and would never care about the effects it has on the environment or the people who use and make its products – so we started making our own!  It didn’t take long to realize that other women (and men, and babies too) shared our concerns and could benefit from our labor.

We hand-craft all our products in small batches, so our stock is constantly changing. If you would like a soap or makeup item you saw from us before but can’t find it now, let us know and we will be happy to make a batch just for you.  Custom orders are always welcomed.

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